Wireless Training

I’m going to be receiving some training in Cisco wireless hardware this week. Hopefully it will be somewhat worthwhile. I signed up for it last fall, but it looks like now we’d be going with Cisco’s more recent wireless products. If nothing else its a good way to get out of the office for 4 days.
Actually, from the budget talk I’ve heard lately the wireless funds are already gone.


  1. Hi Roger… Thanks for your VERY helpful comments about http://www.tgp.la/or.html, and why it was installed on my girlfriend’s web site (hosted at Powweb). One challenge… now I have something on my computer, and I don’t know where it is or how to remove it. Help?
    Jonathan Kraft

  2. Here’s how I would work on it. Not that there is any one way to do this. Of course no warranty is given or implied.
    1. Install Microsoft Antispyware beta.
    Make sure its definitions are updated and then run a full system scan. (go out for coffee)
    You may want to boot into safe mode before running the scan to make sure you get everything.
    2. Your existing antivirus is up-to-date and working, right? if it isn’t, fix that. If it is working, not much point doing a full system scan with that. There are various online antivirus scanners that you can use to perform a full system scan.
    Trend Micro is a good one http://www.trendmicro.com/hc_intro/default.asp
    Microsoft’s Safety Scan is another http://safety.live.com/site/en-US/default.htm
    These online scanners dont substitute for actual antivirus softwarae on your computer, but they do help in cleanup, or spot checks.
    3. Run CWShredder
    4. run hijack this
    the resultant log file can be analyzied automatically at http://www.hijackthis.de/
    Of course if you are not very familiar with your computer, you could really screw things up at this stage.
    They guys over at Spyware Warrior have some pretty good instructions for removing spyware from your computer.
    So check that out if you are still having problems or aren’t sure about any off these steps.. They’ve got a lot of people who like to help others out. Me, I just like complaining in my blog.

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