Using Sybari? Check your Scanallattachments setting

Sybari (or is that Microsoft) sent out a security bulleting relating to WMF viruses. They are calling it WMF/Exploit.b, Alias: Exploit-WMF trojan, Exploit.Win32.IMG-WMF.a, Troj/DownLdr-QB
But most importantly, they warn:

For Windows platforms, users must set the “ScanAllAttachments” registry value to 1 for this filetype to be detected.
Domino Users:
For Domino, the following can be done:
1. Open the “notes.ini” file.
2. Add the “.JPG” and “.WMF” extension to the “AntigenAveExts” parameter.
3. Save the file.
4. Recycle services.

I always thought it a little sketchy that by default Sybari scans specific file types only. Hopefully Exchange performance wont grind to a halt when this change is made.