Symantec to buy IMLOGIC

Well shit. Suddenly that decision to purchase IMLogic (the product not the company) is not looking so good. Symantec has just purchased them.
When Symantec purchases something, its almost as bad as when Computer Associates purchases something. First I would suspect all development will go in the crapper while Symantec figures out what they bought and what they want to do with it. Good by quarterly updates. Goodbye support for AIM Triton, Google Talk and AIM file transfers. I know you were on the roadmap, but the roadmap is now burned.
Next, support will suck. I suspect my support team will now be replaced slowly by the “Gold” level drones that Symantec hires.
Third, I wonder what will happen with the Sybari integration? Will it disappear now that two corporate giants the two companies.
Will my product completely disappear they way L0phtcrack has since the @stake purchase? Will it reappear later as Symantec IM Manager.
I really expected Webroot to be picked off (as Pestpatrol was). I didn’t think about the possibility of IMLogic being bought.
IMLogic is still a better product that Facetime or Akonix. We’ll have to hope for the best.


  1. Roger,
    Symantec tends to do a good job supporting acquisitions that partner with specific product lines of companies they usually compete with. I suspect things with Sybari will stay as they are. There is a business and tech relationship there that adds a lot of value to each party.
    AIM Triton, GTalk, Rendevous File Transfer…. Word is they are coming soon! You are right about the best product. I think over time you will see that the company matches the product.

  2. Thanks for the read, sorry if I was frothing at the mouth again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I try get my emotions and opinion into what I write (it is a blog, now a mirror of zdnet after all) but sometimes I get a little crazy.
    I’m now in a happy place. I am still very happy with my purchase of IMLogic. And I think there is a lot of upside to this purchase

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