Sometimes I dont know why I call support

I called SAV support just now. You see Symantec’s security bulletin says that SAV 8 and 9 are not vulnerable to the RAR buffer overflow.
However my vulnerability scanner says I am vulnerable because my dec2rar.dll file is the wrong version.
%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Decomposers\dec2rar.dll Version is
So basically I wanted to make sure that 9 is always not vulnerable. That there is no way I could still be vulnerable by having an older version of this dll. Basically assure me that my vulnerability scan detection is a false positive.
It just blew his mind. Gold support just is not prepared for a call that is not answered by the knowledge base already. To his credit, he put me on hold to ask for some help. But I’m just not that confident in their final answer that 8 and 9 are not vulnerable to the rar vulnerability no matter what.