I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time (activesynch rant)

So I’ve got my shiny new Treo 700w. It doesn’t come with a holster like my blackberry. But hey, its Windows Mobile 5. its supposed to be better. It doesn’t come with a cradle. But hey its Windows Mobile 5, its supposed to be better.
Next lets synch it up to the computer. Oh wait, some numb nuts thought it would be a good idea to use tcp/ip over the usb connection for the syncing. That means I have to whitelist 3 programs and 6 ports in order for this to work. Not only that, but I cant just whitelist them in my intranet personal firewall program. The mobile phone is self assigning an ip address in th 169.254.x.x autoconfiguration range. This causes my personal firewall to drop intot internet mode.
What does this mean? in order to synch I need to poke holes in my personal firewall allowing access to ActiveSynch a program which in prior versions has had denial of service vulnerabilities as well as information disclosure vulnerabilities. I am really not pleased about this. Not one bit.
Well, that’s it for today. I’ll go whitelist