USA Weekend Wireless Security article

USA Weekend, a slick weekend magazine found in many newspapers, had a brief article on going wireless securely. They advise checking with your router manufacturer for secure wireless configuration instructions. They specifically recommend changing the router password from the default, disabling SSID broadcast and enabling WEP or WPA encryption. They also mentioned a product I haven’t heard of, McAfee wireless home network security software.
I hadn’t heard of this McAfee software before, so I checked it out. The link is long and looks like it might not be a permanent link, so rather than linking to it and having the URL be dead, I’ll let you search for it at McAfee’s site. Looks like for $50 you get antivirus, personal firewall and wireless security piece. The wireless security is able to manage specific routers with specific firmware (check list before buying), so that the encryption keys are rotated automatically multiple times per day. It was not clear from the manual if it cost extra to have multiple computers on your network, and also how much trouble it is when friends come over and want to use the wireless network.
It looks like McAfee is trying to sell wireless security through fear, and also the notion that they are making it easier than the wireless vendors. I really dont think that is the case.
There I go again. I was trying to write a positive note about a mainstream mag talking about wireless security, but I get sidetracked.