Strange that this would come up now, I was just wondering whatever happened to the idea of a Masters degree wrapped around SANS conference tracks. I saw they now have a website up
About four years ago, they mentioned working on a program that awarded degrees through Mary Washington University. I guess that fell through. That’s too bad, because I’m not sure that we’ll ever see the SANS degrees accredited. (see update at end of post) I dont see anything about accreditation on their website. Employers generally dont provide tuition reimbursement for this. I also wonder if this degree will have some stigma associated with it even if it does get accredited.
Definitely something to keep an eye on. First class instruction with direct application to doing security in a company. Plus if your conference fees can come out of the corporate educational assistance budget rather than the departmental training budget so much the better. ๐Ÿ™‚
Security Focus reports that the school received its accreditation from the Maryland Higher Education Commission on November 16. I’m not sure this is really accreditation. Generally institutes receive permission to operate and confer degrees. However it is regional academic bodies that audit programs and offer the type of accreditation that differentiates diploma mills from legitimate institutions. I’m not accusing SANS of being a diploma mill, I know they are not. I am just wanting to make sure they have the type of accreditation that will not cause your degree to be called into question.