What is the deal with LC5?

Since Symantec purchased @stake it has been difficult to find information on LC5. In my good searches I can see where people are sharing eval copies. I am a licensed customer of LC4 and would like to upgrade to LC5. I called Symantec Sales and they took a message “for the LC sales person” who has yet to call me back. LC uses a form of DRM to force you to get an updated license file if you install it on a new machine. In December, I’ll be getting a new computer and will need help from Symantec just to keep using LC4.


  1. Symantec Export Controls on LC5

    The Register wrote yesterday that Symantec is not selling LC5 outside the U.S. Actually they are doing better than me, I couldn’t even get Symantec to talk to me about LC5 and I’m in the U.S. SAMInside is better and…

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