How about that, my entry discussing my LC4 and LC5 search is the number one result at Google if you search for lc5 and Symantec..
I did some more searching last night and found a experts-exchange thread indicating that Symantec is not selling LC5 anymore because they plan to incorporate that in some form into their own security product line. I have no idea where that leaves those of us who need to get a new license file every time a we get a new computer and need to reinstall LC4.
I also found an entry at (a computer security site, not a Homeland Security site) that turned me onto a product called SAMInside.. I’m trying that out now. I dont have any trust in it, so what I’m doing is taking a pwdump file from my domain controller, and placing that on a virtual computer with the SAMInside program, some dictionary files and eventually some Rainbow Hashes. I disconnected the network adapter before doing anything, and I plan to revert to the previous image after I get the password audit results. That should keep anything bad from happening with the password file. .
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  1. [QUOTE]I also found an entry at (a hacking site,[/QUOTE]
    FYI … GSO is NOT a hacking site… it is a Network Security Resource centre… that includes many senior security specialists…
    just to set the record straight
    kind regards
    Kenny co/Adminstrator

  2. Sorry didn’t mean anything pejorative by that. is a great site. I was only trying to make sure people that only looked at the name didn’t think I was saying SAMInside was government endorsed.
    See, I guess it is good that I leave old theads open to comments. I was thinking of closing comments x weeks after post just to cut down on some of the spam attempts. They all get filtered, but its still a server load.

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