Patching Patching Patching Patching

Another week another patch. I was just noticing that Flash really needs to get patched. That one has some potential. You recall some instances of ad servers getting hacked. And banner ads like to use flash. So you could hack the ad server and upload a specially crafted flash file. that way you go to any garden variety trusted website that happens to use that banner ad server, you get infected with the virus spread through the Flash exploit.
We’ve decided this needs to be addressed soon. Fortunately Macromedia does reportedly supply a msi version of the install if you license it for use on your intranet. So it should be simple to push the newer version out with sms. You can use sms to get a count of clients wiith each version of flash by doing a query for getflash.exe.
Microsoft only has one patch out this month. But its for GDI. I’d recommend patching the clients this month on your normal patching cycle. Servers shouldn’t be used to surf, so I’m thinking its safe skipping the server patches this month.