On the rumored death of blackberry

The Microsoft hype machine was in full force with the release of Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2. They would have you belief that that along with Windows Mobile is the death knell for Blackberry. Microsoft was pushing it hard, and you could see the MVPs repeating the charge faithfully. When I was out at Microsoft in Herndon, VA they were pushing this, so I asked them how they would architect a solution which required push technology yet the clients must use SecurID for any inbound initiated connection. They couldn’t do it. I had to figure out on my own that I needed a Good Technologies server to make this work. Replacing the Blackberry server with a Good server is hardly a huge benefit of Exch2k3sp2.
The thing is the Blackberry fanatics (and I’m still one), dont even know they are already dead. Company after company is moving to Windows Media phones or the Treo. Some want more features than Blackberry can provide. Other companies just dont want to be caught with their pants down if Blackberry has an adverse court ruling. This lawsuit uncertainty is having a chilling effect on Blackberries market share and it could not come at a worse time.
The Blackberry head says that they already have alternate technology in place if they lose this patent lawsuit. Is he merely trying to keep the stock from tanking or do they have solid plans in place to prevent the Blackberry network from going dark? Will people who have been enamored with Blackberry choose to leave after they’ve been prompted by these events to examine the Good Technology solution.


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