How many versions of SUN JRE are you running?

How many versions of the SUN JAVA Runtime Environment are you running? A couple MVPs over at broadbandreports asked this question after they noticed users with older versions of SUN JAVA getting infected.
Its not exactly a new problem with SUN JAVA. You run the update, you think you’re protected, but what you don’t realize is that you are merely adding the new version to your system. The older vulnerable version is still there and can still be requested specifically by a malicious website. Can you imagine if Microsoft patches ran that way? Not only that, many applications that use SUN JAVA are programed to work with a specific version only. So I’m forced to use a vulnerable version of JAVA in order to administrate a product like the Cisco VMS server. (Cisco has finally provided an upgrade but they still don’t support the current release.
For the record, I’ve got the following versions on my computer.