Hacking Copiers article from CSOOnline

CSOOnline blogs about an Office Document Solutions conference in Boston reporting that office Copiers could be the most insecure thing on your network. Of course anyone with an ounce of security knowledge and access to a networked copier already knows that. I blogged about my own copiers here and here.
“Network-connected output devices are becoming an absolute primary target of people, foreign and domestic, who are penetrating networks,” according to Jim Joyce, senior vice president for office services at Xerox Global Services. Its an interesting premise. They could be considered a primary target, because someone might want to hack the copier and then send a copy of everything copied or printed on the copier to an email address outside the company. On the other hand its a good secondary target because the large hard drives and insecure operating system lends themselves to attacking other systems.
I’ve written in the past that the latest copiers I have from Canon seem to be much better than earlier models from both Canon and Toshiba in terms of security. Since then, they have added a scanning workstation which is a unsecured Windows XP client. :(. I wish they had just given us the software to install ourself instead of bringing a computer that if we secure it, they won’t support it.

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