AIM Bots

On November 16, AOL added a “AIM Bots” group to AIM users buddy list. This group contained buddies Moviephone and ShoppingBuddy. A popup indicated that the bots had been added, but it was not clear who really added the new buddies or why. Apparently AIM was seeking to promote knowledge about the bots, which are a way to query movie times and shopping info via IM.
This intrusion is much worse than when aim first started adding ads to the aim client. The protests against this action were even mentioned on Drudge. I dont use third party IM clients like Trillian or software to remove the ads from AIM. I wonder if they are free from this annoyance.
While we are able to delete the bot buddy group manually, you may want to let AOL know what you think by sending a message to [email protected] I’d use a disposable email account for that email.