Using Senderbase

If you don’t use senderbase to keep an eye on your outgoing mail volumes you probably should. You can go to senderbase and search by IP, Hostname or domain name to see how mail volume has averaged for the past day and the past 30 days. For example, you might notice that a system that is not supposed to be sending mail shows up with a lot of mail being sent. If you saw something like that you might want to check into it further.
Of course senderbase only reports about mail that it sees. A full blown NIDS would probably be a better choice. But you have to make do sometimes. The blacklist lookup at senderbase is fine, but I prefer the one over at

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  1. Senderbase are a bunch of pussies. I’ve tried to email (multiple times) them to fix their system, but they won’t respond. I would NEVER recommend Senderbase TO ANYONE.

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