Kerio drops desktop firewall

I saw over at that Kerio is dropping their personal firewall product because they are unable to compete with bundled services offered by their competitors. McAfee, Symantec, and Zone Labs all bundle their personal firewall with other product making it a more enticing product. Doesn’t Microsoft get fined and sued for activity like this? I think Kerio has overlooked a new profit center for their company. Suing the people who put out better products. hey its worked for SUN and Real.

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  1. I wouldn’t consider McAfee or Symantec a better personal firewall. I think that they both suck.
    Besides McAfee is a business partner of Kerio and is bundled with their mailserver, which is a pretty good product. The move by kerio allows them to focus more on their winroute firewall, which was chosen by the dept. of homeland security, and to also enhance their mailserver, which is the best mailserver for the buck on the market.

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