I’m going crazy

School and work and personal life are starting to press down on me.
School has two projects due this week. One is to create a SSL denial of service utility. That requires some coding ability and understanding the order of requests in SSL. Sort of like a TCP Syn Flood we’ll try to give them a bunch of SSL client key exchanges. This will cause the server to be wasting a lot of processing on fake messages. As if this weren’t enough, we have to spend cycles setting up a vpn connection to the test network where the ssl server is located. Once we have tested our code we need to submit it via CVS over SSH, which sounds like yet another layer of fun.
Work has me running around. I’m working on a IM Security product, and I just dont feel like the two products I’m looking at give me the security I want. What is going to happen at the end of my two months of testing when I say, neither solution really does it for me?
Work is forcing us to sign a non-solicitation agreement. It feels like the 8th floor is just looking for ways to annoy the employees. I’m not sure if I should be having a lawyer look at this or what. There are definitely things in there that I don’t agree with.
Work was supposed to register me for Shmoocon instead they waited until after the registration deadline to tell me that work wouldn’t register using paypal and I’d have to do it myself.
Personal like, things are just starting to pile up. I need to get the yearly state inspection done on the car. It also needs an oil change. Its time for the fall furnace checkup. I need to set up a eye doctor appointment. And I’m going into the dentist in two weeks.
Something has to give soon…I’m going nucking futz!