IE Blog lists HTTPS Improvements in IE7 beta 2

Get the shovel. It looks like SSL2 is done. On the heels of Firefox’s announcement a few months ago that they were removing support for SSL 2, it will now be disabled by default in IE 7 beta 2. SSL 2.0 has many native vulnerabilities such as the ability for a MITM to downgrade your encryption to something more breakable.
Another change is the default behavior when dealing with bad certificates. In the past you’ve all seen a dialog box everyone says yes to. This will now take you to a redirect page that explains the problem in more detail. Should you choose to continue, the address bar will change to red to highlight that you are doing something unsafe. I suppose this is a good compromise. A lot of vendors use self signed certificates that will be blocked by this since I never access the site using the url they want (I use fqdn and they put only the host name in the certificate for example).
Also the error relating to a mix of https and http content on a page will be changed so that you will now be prompted by the information bar.
More information at the IEblog site.