Common Malware Naming Scheme

The register had an article yesterday on the new Common Malware Enumeration (CME) database. David Perry, global director of education at Trend Micro said this will do little to solve confusion, “Now every piece of malware will just have 18 names and a number.”
Graham Cluley of Sophos says that “big-hitting viruses will be tied together with a common thread.” That’s great, but that already happens with big viruses.
Virus naming is from an era of antivirus competition. Where each stove to discover a virus first and have the right to name it. Perhaps instead of going for an antivirus collective naming scheme, we need to return to the era of antivirus competition. Instead of writing open letters about the lack of a common virus naming scheme causing confusion, we should be writing open letters about the antivirus definition update model not adequately protecting our computers. I want something better.