You have 150 MB of updates

I’m trying to put ms05-029 on a users desktop via sms remote control.
First attempt: nope, you need Windows Installer 3.1, reboot.
Seconds attempt: You’re running Windows 2000 SP3. Ok, I’ve got that on the file server, no need to download it. Reboot.
Third attempt: You have 150 MB of updates!!!
Windows Update now does office patches too. So after deselecting the post SP4 rollup, I deselected all the SPs for Office. (for some reason we haven’t deployed that at work, so I’ll make things easier on myself and only bring this computer into parity with the other computers. No need to be testing a Office service pack upgrade on a weekend on someone else’s computer). After trimming that down, I “only” have 25 updates to install.