Symantec Daily Liveupdate

Back in February, I wrote that Symantec Platinum customers were going to be getting access to a “Liveupdate Plus” server which would offer daily liveupdates.
Earlier this week Symantec announced that Liveupdate will now update on a daily basis on the “normal” liveupdate servers beginning September 24th. The catch is that this daily updates will be for SAV 10 clients only. I see this as good news that can only help mobile corporate clients that may not be able to get the VDTM update on a frequent basis.
I want to push SAV 10 out so I can take advantage of this. But its worth nothing that there are still advantages to VDTM in that you can set the client checkin frequency to more often than daily and also the updates are smaller.
Updating more often. When what you are doing isn’t working, doing it faster probably isn’t going to help. If faster virus defs are the solution, Symantec still has a ways to go. F-Secure had a record 11 updates one day this week. What ever happened to the Digital Immune System Symantec promised. Soon the virus defs will come so often, we’ll just have a continuous update. An IV of virus definition files.