Quiet Weekend

Not much caught my eye this weekend to blog about. No patches from Microsoft this week. That is always good news. Firefox apologists had shuffle their feet, stare at the ground and blame Microsoft when asked why their secure browser has another critical security vulnerability.
I went to the Nationals game on Friday night. We had a thrilling come from behind win against the Braves. Nothing better to shut up the Atlanta fans at the game. πŸ™‚
Things are crazy with both work and school. I have a number of projects at work and I’m not sure I can push any of them back. We also have performance reviews due soon, and I’m moving to the windows side of my office so I’ll have to spend a day packing up and moving. With school, I am at the point of the year when I am already lost, and I dont know if I can do the assignments. Its just not a good feeling. I’ve got one class on Communicating Sequential Processes (which appears to be a formal method invented to torture Graduate students). The other class is in Advanced Network Security. I ‘ve got a project coming up where my team needs to implement the PAKE protocol. I’m not sure anyone on my team can code. πŸ™ I’m freaking out.