Its all about the password

I hear on the the DVD for the first season of the U.S. version of the office there is a password scene in the deleted cuts.
edit – I just found the scene on the nbc website.
Dwight – good.. excellent. and file sharing off and done…Security software, 128 bit encryption, firewalls. Get up I’ll install it on your computer
Jim – No thanks
Dwight – Stupid. Identity theft happens all the time. I could become you, like that. But no one can become me.
Jim – no one wants to be you Dwight
Dwight – not true. and if they did, they couldn’t, becausee I’m password protected
Jim – “Is your password ‘Frodo'”?
Dwight – “No…” (he starts typing really fast on his computer)
Another short pause…
Jim – “Did you just change your password to ‘Gollum'”?
Dwight – No
(more typing…)