Foundstone MS05-039 Scantool

This is old news, but I was on vacation when zotob, etc came out and I missed this.
Foundstone just released an MS05-039 scanner.
for the direct download or for more info.
Unlike eEye’s free scan tool for MS05-039 this one doesn’t crash on you, it isn’t limited to a small number of IP address (around 18), and it doesn’t require a software install.
My favorite thing about the free Foundstone individual vulnerability scan tool is you can create an import file with your IP ranges. That would be a huge job for me otherwise since our remote site address space is rather disjunct. Check out the readme, make sure to run this from a server so you get the fully threaded capability and aren’t crippled by XPsp2 to 10 connections.
Although this is much after the fact, its still important to catchup with who isn’t patched. Sure you probably have other tools, but I’m a fan of using tools like this to doublecheck the others.