Common Malware Initiative

The long talked about Common Malware Enumeration initiative is set to get off the ground next month. It will be run by the Mitre Corporation (who also currently runs the CVE database). The purpose of this database is to make it easier for the media to hype up virus incidents and help buttruss the stock of antivirus companies.
It just gets so confusing when you don’t know whose is someone else’s And this will solve all our problems. Yeah right.
While I am all for a more understandable virus incident report at the end of the month, does this really improve security? Personally, I just want the viruses stopped. I don’t care what you call it. Perhaps that is the innovation antivirus companies should be focusing on.
edit – posting this from firefox. apparently the version I’m running doesn’t have a spellchecker like Internet Explorer. I need to upgrade my Firefox. Its really vulnerable. I hear the later versions of Firefox should have a spell checker in it. So pardon the misspellings. I’ll try to get back later and run a spell check.