Chimping about the ISC

Did you know that if you browse with Internet Explorer that a site could grab what’s in your clipboard? This not-so-startling announcement was made in in the ISC Diary.
My reaction? Welcome to 2004. No wait, make that 2002. Oh, no make that since IE 5 was released.
The article doesn’t mentioning talking to the IE product team. I’m sure they have the contacts to do so if they wanted to.
The article doesn’t mention any testing. They could have reported testing that although IE6 on XPsp2 still had the problem, IE7 by default does not. They could have described how to fix the problem in earlier versions of IE with a minor settings change. Perhaps even a way to push that out with Group Policy.
No doubt some people learned something new today because of the ISC post. That will be seen as good justification by most. To me it seemed like old news.