AOL bundles CA Spysweeper

Back in August I wrote about a purchase of Aluria by Earthlink. I speculated that might end the relationship with AOL.
Well, the shoe has finally dropped. AOL has announced that AOL Spyware Protection 2.0 will be using Computer Associates Spysweeper product. And AOL just couldn’t resist some potshots at Aluria suggesting they couldn’t be trusted to categorize spyware, the dont have a large antispyware database, they dont update often enough, they dont offer realtime protection and their scans take forever. Funny AOL wasn’t singing that tune when they went with Aluria, previously unheard of company from Maitland Florida.
I’ve only evaluated the enterprise version of the Spysweeper product. It was ok back in June 2004, but now it is not performing well on recent bakeoffs.