Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise 2.5 Update Released

I saw over on Donna’s Securityflash that Webroot has put out a press release that their enterprise version 2.5 is now available. I’m sure as a customer, they’ll let me know this sooner or later. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually there is a “news” page within the product, so I would probably have learned this next time I opened the admin console.
Sounds like they have some good features including enhanced reporting, faster scan times, the ability to set a safe mode scan, enhanced scanning ability, and a new web admin interface, alternate data stream prevention, and enhanced client updates for mobile users.
Sounds like I have a few busy days ahead of me. I probably should resist the urge deploy for about a week and let other people be the guinea pigs. I’ll probably at the least deploy the upgrade to my test group now.