Terminal Services and IE7

Has anyone else noticed a problem with IE7 and terminal services?
While on vacation, I’ve been vpning back into work and using remote desktop to access a xpsp2 computer. IE7 on this computer is not loading pages properly for me. Nutscrape, ahem, Netscape works fine.
I haven’t really set this blog up to accept responses, so hopefully this works. You can try emailing me at blog-response//at//infosecblog//dot//org.
I’m also going to try turning comments on. that ought to bring the comment spammers out. I think comments will be in moderation mode so dont expect it to show up right away.
edit- I stopped by work tonight and IE7 wasn’t working either. Neither was task manager or most other apps. The latest change to the system was the backup software. Its likely either that or using rdp that caused the system to muck up. Not an IE7 issue as I see it.