Is Paul Thurrott relevant?

I cant remember the last time I read Thurrott. He was useful with win2k was coming out. But now there are so many sources of information that I haven’t been to his site in quite some time.
In fact, it was only through other blogs that I found out that apparently he is off his meds and posted an anti-IE7 rant over at WindowsITPro. It is not labeled as a blog article or even as a commentary. But this screed clearly isn’t news. He says his advice is to boycott IE, describing it as a cancer on the web.
Apparently he is really upset that IE7 focused on being secure and implementing the current CSS standard instead of focusing on implementing unradified CSS standards and obscure web coding bugtests called the “Acid Test.” Frankly his article was so bad I thought it belonged over on
Ryan Hoffman has written a classic retort. Actually, you’ll want to go up to his blog home page to see a few other posts he has related to the subject.