Earthlink acquires assets of aluria

Another bit of news from Donna’s security flash. Earthlink has picked up the assets of Aluria software.
Aluria is a small company from Lake Mary Florida. That’s just north of Orlando, so I know the area a bit from my time down there. Although Aluria’s consumere product has been highly rated, I was never high on them. I seem to recall some controversy about them whitelisting whenu.
Doesn’t Aluria currently provide the antispyware functionality in the AOL Security Edition? Also I believe that Webroot had been providing Earthlink’s antispyware capability. Interesting changes, hmmm.
I figured after Pestpatrol got bought by CA that two things would happen: 1) Pestpatrol would no longer be highly rated. 2) There would be more consolidation as the major companies try to buy into the antispyware market.