Rosenberger @ CPCUG August 8th

Rob Rosenberger of will be at the Capital PC Users Group Meeting (in Springfield, VA) on August 8th at 7pm. He will be speaking on the subject “Why Don’t Antivirus Firms Get Infected.”
If I remember right, the two reasons Rob has cited in the past are 1) severe penalties and 2) different antivirus. If you shut down your company by opening the loveletter virus, you dont get blamed, you dont get fired. At antivirus companies, you’re in for a severe shunning or worse if you manage to get infected. The later claim that they use different antivirus software I dont think I can explain without sounding like a conspiracy theorist.
Check out the CPCUG site for more info. I saw Rob at the CPCUG a number of years ago and it was very entertaining and informative.