Magic Quadrant for Email Boundary Security

Gartner has released their Magic Quadrant for E-mail security Boundary 1H05. It is available from Gartner if you subscribe. It can also be picked up from some of the vendors who did well on the list if you supply your contact info.
I wouldn’t list the Symantec product so high. Sure Brightmail is nice, but the dependence on the Symantec AV engine is almost unforgivable in my book. At the email boundary you want something you can rely on. Heuristics or multi-scan engines.
Its interesting to read about the other products. Barracuda is advertised on the commercial all the time here, so it was interesting so see a quick opinion on their product.
I’m of course happy to see MessageLabs doing well in the report.
Of course some people (or actually one person) may think that I’m full of FUD for mentioning antivirus at all. If you’re like that you probably think the principle of least privilege should be applied so that only allow white listed mail with no email attachments is allowed.