Cracking WEP

I’m trying to writeup something for the users at work to disabuse them of the notion that wireless security at home means turning on WEP, turning off ssid broadcast and using HW address filtering.
I ran accross “Cracking 10 WEP in 10 minutes” which is a nice little blogcast if you haven’t seen it before. I think I ignored it when it was in the news a while back. too academic. So its nice to see this styled more after the underground.
On a similar note, I’d like to get my TiVo up on my 802.11g network. I really cant hardwire it, and I want to take advantage of multiroom viewing. I don’t think they currently support WPA. I’m not sure they even support WEP right now. I”m not willing to downgrade my security for it. Too many neighbors with wireless networks.
Ok, enough rambling, I’m running out for some ice cream.