Spam by Proxy- Nothing New

Spamroll blogged earlier this week about a Maryland Public Television webmaster busted for signing his supervisor on internet sites to generate annoying emails and telephone calls.
I found a Baltimore Sun article covering this story that gives more detail and attributes its quotes correctly.
I was shaking my head because spamroll left me with the impression someone thought this sort of thing was new. The Baltimore Sun article cleared that up. The AGs office said this is the first time they’ve prosecuted someone. The EFF said this sort of thing goes on all the time. The article concludes saying that most reputable sites offer a double opt in making this sort of thing harder to do. The problem is that the disreputable sites still don’t do that.
So as always, cover your tracks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Use a public kiosk to sign your enemies up for spam. Or better yet go to the house of another co-worker and use their insecure wireless connection to sign up the CEO for spam.