Little Phish

Spamroll blogs that phishers are increasingly targeting smaller banks and credit unions.
This is a principle true of the protection of online banking as well. The smaller banks and credit unions do not have the fraud detection departments that larger organizations will have.
While the phish will not be detected as early or pursued as vigorously, there just isn’t the same bang for the buck on the email distribution. Think of it. If I email one million people the likelihood of finding Bank of America customer is much better than the odds of hitting members of the Red Apple Credit Union.
A better idea would be for the phisher to attempt to obtain the banks email list somehow. Or better yet, for credit unions, you know the member companies so concentrate the phishing email on domains belonging to that company. This is inline with the theory that the criminals will be attacking smaller groups so they aren’t detected as quickly.
Customers of even small banks must watch out for phishing. Although i don’t see phishing being the fault of the bank, it is imperative for other reasons to make sure that they are on top of the security concerns associated with online banking.