Its new to you

If you haven’t seen it, its new to you. That was an old slogan of NBC for their summer rerun season. Well summer rerun season has started at the antivirus firms as they strive to get press coverage.
First we have Panda Software warning of a new hybrid worm. Get this it spreads like a worm and installs a keystroke logger plus downloading more malware. That doesn’t sound particularly new to me.
IM viruses have caused many vendors to hop on the media circuit. Yet there is really nothing new here either.
Hackers Holding Internet Files Hostage. As Kaspersky points out, nothing really new here.
I swear I saw an AV vendor breathlessly report that viruses are targeting p2p systems by dropping infected files into likely p2p shared directories.
Next they will be telling me about the “new” horror of macro viruses.
User Education of current threats is one thing. But this is cooking up a press release to drive the stock price higher.