Cisco Saves the Universe (24)

Apparently I’ve got to start watching 24.
Back in April 24 had hilariously bad dialog involving blowfish.
Now they had a huge product placement for Cisco right in the middle of the show.
Chloe: How did this happen? Mr. Buchanan, the network security monitor lit up. Someone on the outside is trying to jam our satellite servers.
Buchanan: Could this just be high network load?
Chloe: No, it’s definitely a denial of service attempt. What do you want me to do?
Buchanan: Did it do any damage yet?
Chloe: No, the Cisco system is self defending.
You can go see the clip on cisco’s site.
Personally I think product placements in shows are great when they aren’t horribly out of place. I did have to laugh though at the use of Cisco’s self defending network marketing line. While the concept they espouse is interesting, they may get in trouble one day for a little thing called truth in advertising.