Big Damn Hero

Rick Rescorla was the Security Head for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center. His is one story that cannot be told often enough.
After the 1993 truck bombing at the WTC, he drilled the employees of Morgan Stanley with emergency evacuation procedures. Because of this preparedness and his call for to evacuate on 9/11/01 everyone in Morgan Stanley made it out but for himself and two of his staff. Unfortunately emergency evacuation procedures call for making sure everyone else gets out first. Rick died when the tower he was in collapsed as he performed his duties doing a floor by floor search for stragglers.
I just found out that Amazon has a book on his life Heart of a Soldier. I cant wait to get it.
Rather than do a further recap of Rick’s life, here are some links. If you can keep a dry eye while reading that you are much tougher than I am.