Art of Deception – preface

I’m reading The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick. I would suspect that it will be the basis of more than a few blogs going into the future. I really don’t like Mitnick but was convinced to pick up his book. From what I’ve read so far, he defends himself with the classic lines of ‘I didn’t intend to do any harm’, ‘I didnt know what I was doing was wrong’, and ‘I was just curious’.
Oh well. The discussion for the place of criminals as security experts is one for another day. I intended this post to be about preparation. Mitnick reports that he practiced and honed his trade. It reminded me of a Dateline episode I saw where gangs would get together and study war, psychology, law etc. The bad guys is always seeking to perfect his craft. As sysadmins and security professionals we need to be seeking to perfect our craft also. The more we get caught up in the tyranny of the now, the less we develop our own skill set and develop our corporate defenses.