Symantec Site Redesign

I learned this morning from Chris Mosby’s blog that Symantec had performed a site redesign. This was news to me because everything was normal last night at 1am.
Normally I’d say hopefully this is a sign Symantec is migrating from Lotus Notes and we wont have to deal with slow site updates (replication) and incredibly long URLs anymore. Unfortunately what has replaced it is worse.
Normally my entrance page to Symantec’s antivirus information is This now redirects me out to the main page.
Virus page URLs used to be somewhat predictable. This made it possible to find a writeup before it was posted to the main page and before it was searchable. Now virus links look like You cant tell at a glance what that link is for. Once you are at the writeup page, instead of having everything you need on one page, there are now four links. Overview, Removal, Technical Details and Recommendations. I’m so glad that Symantec already sends me these writeups through the DeepSight Subscription service. I’d hate to have to load 4 pages when one would do.
I’m getting 404s from the site, so hopefully they are still in the process of working out the kinks.
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