Off to a SANS Conf

Tomorrow I’m heading off to a SANS conference in Herndon VA. I’m taking a CISSP course from Eric Cole. Its not really the best time for this. SANS conferences are kind of like drinking from the firehose of knowledge. Actually it will be interesting to see if that is still my opinion. My last SANS conference was three years ago. Typcially I find that sources I once found informative become tired and pathetic when I return to them with more knowledge and experience. I cant got to or labmice anymore for that reason. Hopefully I’ll still find SANS to be an incredible conference.
School is coming up on the end of the semester. I am already kind of stressed out. I’ve got a ton of things to do for cyrpto and databases. I dont need to be doing something so mentally rigorous during the day as well.
Now to top it off, I find that this program has “extended hours.” I cant be at this conference from 8am to 9pm. I’ve got stuff to do for school. I’m not sure if its a saving grace, or the last straw, but the conference is 6 days spread across three weeks. So its thurs/fri this week, tues/weds next week, and something else the week after that. At least it doesn’t ruin an enitre week worth of studying. Just a couple days.
I’m also stressing because I’m cutting out at 3pm tomorrow. I’m going to miss some training because I’m heading down to opening day with dad and my brothers. Opening day for the Nationals return to town is once in a lifetime. But it still bothers me to miss part of the training for it.
Here is the conference link for those interested: