Message Labs on Top in Antispam study

Frequent readers will know that I’m a big fan of Message Labs. They are a company that provides an outsourced email filtering solution. This week Veritest made public their first quarter anti-spam tests and announced that Message Labs had come out on top.
In addition to that, Message Labs has announced a new Anti-Spam Service level agreement. Message Labs has been one of the few companies to offer an antivirus SLA, standing behind their antivirus service. Now they stand behind their antispam service. The new agreement guarantees businesses a spam capture rate of at least 95 percent and the assurance of a false positive commitment of 0.0004 percent. How many other antispam vendors make a similar promise?
In the veritest bakeoff Message Labs had a capture rate of 99.29 percent and a false positive rate of 0.00.