In-Convenience Checks

General security advice would tell you to stop your credit card company from sending you those darn convenience checks. Besides the incredibly high use fee they seem to always have, there is a real threat that someone will steal them.
As seen in infosec news blog , Hints from Heloise today reports that is easier said than done.

“I wish you “good luck” in trying to get your credit-card company to stop sending those pesky checks. I called and wrote trying to get them stopped because of my concerns about identity theft. The checks just kept coming. I finally requested that my account be closed and told the company that the reason for this was the checks. In return, I received several letters urging me to keep the account open. Finally, I got a letter that said my account had been closed, regrettably.
One month later, I received a letter telling me that even though the account was closed, the company would keep it on its “inactive list.” To reopen the account, I only needed to use my card again or use one of the enclosed checks! It seems to be a battle that cannot be won.”