Hijacked 404, Last Word, no really

I thought I’d said all I was going to say on the hijacked 404 web page, but there was a little bit of news today.
1. A moderator reports that the problem is resolved. So at least that is progress if they are admitting there was a problem. I’d prefer to know what was wrong and how they made sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s how we treat users where I work, I and I’d expect the same when I’m the customer.
2. POWWeb support did get back to me Sunday morning (1.5 days after the ticket was entered). All they really said was there was no problem and they closed the ticket.
3. PoWWeb locked a thread on their bulletin board discussing this issue. I dont think the thread was at all out of line. I’m a bit annoyed at their ham-handedness in closing the thread as well as their unresponsiveness in general.
Over the past 6 months I’m really starting to doubt powweb’s commitment to security. Certainly users installing Content Management Systems like phpnuke doesn’t help things. People picking dumb passwords doesn’t help things. But when I do everything I can to run a secure site, and the host fouls things up, that pisses me off.