Have a take, dont suck

Note: this entry is in the housekeeping category. that means its about the blog itself or in this case blogging in general. Not a security related post.

I hate to quote Jim Rome, but it seemed kind of appropriate. Too many bloggers are just posting links to other people’s content. I do that occasionally, but most of the time when I am not posting original content, I have comments that hopefully provide some added value.
I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds. Its kind of silly when post after post its people doing a cut and paste job on the SANS Diary or the F-Secure weblog. Um, thanks. I know about those blogs. I went there first.
Its a fine line. I wouldn’t have learned about some blogs like Robert Hensing’s blog or Donna’s Security Flash if someone hadn’t linked to them in their own post. That doesn’t mean its ok to turn your blog into a security link aggregator. Have an opinion about what you are linking to. Post original content every now and again. Hopefully you’ve got some security related project at work or at home that you can talk about. Perhaps you just had a flash of insight on how SMS can be used as part of creating a defendable network. Write it up!!
Have a take. Dont suck.