Security Mold

Over on another board that I frequent a user was posting about a problem he was having at his house. It started with his new windows. It seems they were still getting condensation. It turns out that the humidity is 80% in his home. His wife is suffering some allergies due to the humidity. This guy is concerned about the quality of the window construction. Later he starts other threads about dehumidifiers.
No one can understand why he has such high humidity in the winter in Pennsylvania. Finally it comes out that there is water in the crawl space beneath his house. Even once this is discovered, the guy just says he doesn’t want to deal with that now. He wants to know about how to know that the windows were installed correctly. He wants to know how to know that his dehumidifier is working.
We all have these blind spots. Well, perhaps blind spot isn’t the right word. We’re aware of the problem but we refuse to acknowledge it or deal with it. Its easier to deal with the symptoms rather than the problem itself. Its also true in our professional lives. For example, we have nice safe little security projects that wont effect people. We do the equivalent of putting up air fresheners and getting a dehumidifier instead of fixing the mold infested bacteria pool that is in the crawl space.