Security Attitudes and Firewall Traversal

An employee writes to a company helpdesk complaining that he cannot access a site. The URL was sent to him by the vendor to be used to register software. When he attempts to go to the URL he gets blocked by Websense. (Websense is an industry leading web filtering/ web security company. Corporations use their block list to prevent employees from accessing disallowed sites). He writes to the helpdesk “No biggie, I will just login to my AOL account and bypass company policy. That will make it easier.”
I’d forgotten that the AOL client basically acts as a VPN and allows users to bypass corporate policy. ๐Ÿ™
The kicker is that the url actually produces a 404. I suspect that the user has spyware loaded locally that redirects 404s to a specific webpage, and it is that page that is on the block list.