Oh you wanted updated virus defs?

Its amazing the amount of companies that are willing to take your money and sell you antivirus software, but when it comes providing virus definition files, that costs them money so they are a little bit more reticent.
Kaspersky is one exception to this. They seem to have update available on an hourly basis. While there is a slightly greater chance of false positive, there is also a greatly reduced chance that a virus will slip through because an update wasn’t available for it yet.
When you are a customer of Symantec, you have two methods of updating. Liveupdate into Symantec, and manually downloading the intelligent updater and running it. I don’t think too many people are aware of the scripts available to download the intelligent updater. But that’s a unsupported solution, so I’m not going to give them any credit for offering it.
Time after time, customers who rely exclusively on Symantec for antivirus protection have been burned. They must rely on antiquated defense mechanisms such as blocking file types at the mail gateway and disabling file associations for pif, vbs , etc on the desktop.
So what does Symantec do to resolve this problem? Do they innovate in antivirus software so their product is not so dependent on virus definitions? No McAfee is leading the way in that area. Do they speed up their release of liveupdate? Well, in a way. Their “Platinum” customers (read those with deep pockets) now have access to LiveUpdatePlus. This uses Live Update servers available only to platinum customers to send intelligent updaters every day.
So now customers can pay a premium to get daily virus defs. But others are left out in the cold to fend for them selves.
It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where he is at the rental car counter complaining that they can take the reservation, but they cant seem to actually reserve a car for him. Symantec can take are money for antivirus software. But when it comes to virus defs in a timely manner, they cant do it. That would hurt the bottom line. I hate to say it but every time Symantec fails to protect its customers, reporters wrote about a virus that is running wild, and Symantec’s stock price goes up. The reporters dont write about the failure to protect.