Infosec Related TV

Rob Rosenberger wrote about his rejected idea for a infosec based tv show. He’s thinking something along the lines of MaxX. If you haven’t seen the show, its a clip show of disasters and police chases backed up by acerbic voice over commentary. The problem is where do you get the video clips. The only people filming at work is physical security. Their cameras are aimed at the entrances. They wont catch video of Troy in Accounting opening loveletter. Everything would have to be reenacted. This works for John Walsh, but on a show like MaxX, the show is too fast paced and would require too many segments be filmed.
I would advise modeling the show after the all too brief reality series “Spymaster” on TLC. They first showed auditions in major cities where they ran people through a situation and based on how they handled it, they let them on the show. The selected candidates were taken to “The Farm” a foux CIA training center. There they learned how to handle weapons, self defense and basic espionage. Through several challenges individuals were weeded out. The finale was a “hostage” rescue in Mexico.
I would see the analogous show as a hacker bootcamp. Perhaps it could be something like “Hacking by the Numbers” taught by the Sensepost guys, except you have a big finale where you must defend your own computers while attacking computers of the other guys.
While we’re on the subject, am I the only one who would like the yearly competition between the NSA red team and the combined armed forces academies televised?
Ok, the show would get pilloried for glorifying hackers. Perhaps the “Hackmaster” approach isn’t the best show. I’m thinking an Infosec comedy might work, but it might be tough to do without ripping off Dilbert or The Office.